By the Babylonian Rivers…


Dear Friends in Christ~ By the Babylonian Rivers we sat down in grief and wept; Hung our harps upon the willows and mourned for Zion when she slept. How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange and bitter land? Can our voices veil the sorrow? Oh Lord save your holy band.   This […]



Dear Friends in Christ~ I used to have a terrible commute to work. It was a 50-mile round-trip on 35W during rush hour. I had to cross the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, so there weren’t a lot of options but to use the interstate highways with thousands of other people going and coming to and […]

A thought on confession…


Dear Friends~ I was recently asked why there hasn’t been a prayer of confession in the weekly service. I too have been thinking how to best include confession into the weekly service. My conundrum is that confession is a very personal experience between us and God. It’s about naming our own sins (both sins of […]