Each and every year around this time, oooohs and aaaahs of anticipation and delight echo through our serene halls, as the order forms for our annual nut, coffee, tea and candy sale become available once again! Pick up your order forms at the church, and get your order in by October 28, 2018. (Subliminal advertising […]

Help fight hunger tomorrow night


at the United Church of Two Harbors. We will be hosting our annual Roast Beef Dinner and Auction, starting at 5:30. A fine meal will be followed by a fun auction, with an emphasis on “Harvest” items – pies, bread, canned items, salsa and jam and pickles!

This is a Big Deal


Our annual Roast Beef Dinner and Auction is on Friday October 5. This is a fund raising event that has been a tradition here at United Church for decades. All proceeds from the event go to fight hunger- at the local, national and international levels. So, what should you expect from the evening? First, you […]