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Dear Friends in Christ~

As I was in yet another Zoom meeting this week the conversation turned to the fact that everything has been changing dramatically day by day. In the past month we have gone from “social distancing” in person to “sheltering in place” in isolation. That zoom conversation prompted me to open my planner and look at all that had changed in my life and the life of United since this pandemic, we know as the coronavirus or COVID 19, disrupted our world as we have known it:

  • This Sunday will be our 7th time of exclusively watching our services online including Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter!
  • United (and I) have gone from in-person meetings to virtual meetings using Zoom. To name of few of those zoom meetings were the mission team, council, worship team, study groups, Methodist Pastors, Presbytery group, Methodist Committee on Ministry meeting…
  • Rather than walking to church Sunday mornings to prepare for worship, Mike and I walk to United to hear the ringing of the bell at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, then we walk home, turn on the television, pull up YouTube and worship together in our living room.  (If you want to be a bell ringer some Sunday please let me know.)
  • Wednesday evenings, rather than having choir practice in the sanctuary, our skeleton video recording team comes together to record the Sunday service.
  • This Sunday there was going to be a birthday celebration for Alice Iverson’s 100th birthday during the fellowship time. Instead, United organized a “car parade” of countless vehicles that sported balloons and signs of birthday salutations while the occupants shouted “Happy Birthday Alice” and honked their horns as they drove past an elated Alice who sat on a lawn chair in her front yard and waved to her well-wishers.

Indeed, there have been many changes in a very short amount of time. It has been a steep learning curve and yet I have seen so many blessings come of it including, but not limited to:

  • All the people who have stepped up to try new processes and procedures. You are so very appreciated. Thank you!
  • All of you who continue to faithfully tithe allows for United to maintain areas of ministry that would be impossible without your efforts to ensure your offerings reach United. Thank you!
  • Even though it’s not the same as worshipping in person, it’s been heartwarming to know that we are worshipping together online.

Thank you! You are all a blessing to me.



Pastor Paula