Each and every year around this time, oooohs and aaaahs of anticipation and delight echo through our serene halls, as the order forms for our annual nut, coffee, tea and candy sale become available once again!

Pick up your order forms at the church, and get your order in by October 28, 2018.

(Subliminal advertising follows:) Mammoth pecan halves, giant whole cashews, wasabi almonds, chipotle mixed nuts, giant malted milk balls, chocolate cranberries, mint melt aways, yogurt raisins, did I say giant whole cashews?, turkish apricot halves, milk chocolate, ecuador dark chocolate, very dark chocolate, extremely dark chocolate, panama extremely dark chocolate, darjeeling tea, vanilla rooibos tea, colossal natural pistachios, smoked pecans, green tea, green tea with ginger, organic ethiopian coffee, rooibus chai, gummi bears and many, many, many more………..



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