Who was Leila?

Our church windows are full of dedications to individuals of long ago. Who were these people, and how did their stories become lost in time, even though their names have been seen and read weekly, for over a hundred years, by church-goers as they come to worship?

We are going to look for some answers this year, as we lead up to our 50th anniversary celebration. We hope to eventually have a small framed picture, or biography, or description of each window and its dedication in each window sill by the end of this year. If you know the window’s history, or have biographical information, please let us know as we start this project. Meanwhile, here’s a short teaser:     Leila Budd was the daughter of Dr. Joseph Budd, who founded Dr. Budd’s Hospital on First Avenue, in 1896. That building still stands, as the Budd House boarding house. Dr. Budd was also one of the 5 founders of 3M.

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