Mission Talk


We had a very informative mission team meeting Monday night with 11 people from United in attendance. Dorothy Nicholas and her Husband Ron were here from Glendale UMC in Savage MN. Dorothy has a wealth of experience in mission trips both serving on them and planning them. She was able to describe the planning process, what to expect and also answer many of our questions.   There was a lot of energy in the discussion and the next steps for the group involve each member doing a search for possible trips with focus on when, where and approximate costs. We will then meet to discuss the options. One Possible option is to do a mission week somewhere in the USA, perhaps in the fall of this year and start planning an international trip for winter of 2019-20. On May 16th at 2pm we have a Missionary from Costa Rica here to talk at Untied so stay tuned for more information!     –  Mike Gaboury

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